Should GaG show NAMES next to "Asker" and "Opinion Owner"?

I think GaG can be very confusing especially for new people. When you reply to someone, it only shows you as "Asker" or "Opinion Owner" or "myTake Owner"

It can be really confusing.

How about

Calex (Asker)
Calex (Opinion Owner)
Calex (myTake Owner)

It would make it so much easier in my opinion, take a look at this question
Look for the opinion by mrsingle and you'll see exactly what happened.

  • Yes, add name next to "Asker" etc.
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  • No, keep "Asker" etc without name next to it.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Only been on here for two weeks, I was able to figure how it worked within mintues. But I see your point. Because when I am reading a thread of comments by the Opinion owner and other users, it can be confusing who is saying what, especially when there are multiple users posting comments.

    • I don't understand what's with so many people voting no. I sometimes feel like people fear change no matter what it is.

    • I think people just don't care.

Most Helpful Guy

  • A quick glance tends to get me thinking someone else had replied. I honestly thought it was MrSingle replying until i reread it LOL.

    • Yeah, this usually causes confusion especially in deeper debates, and people think you said something you didn't.

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  • I think you pick it up quite quick 😊


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