Is anyone else having trouble logging on to GAG?

It's the weirdest thing for about the last two or three days I haven't been able to long on. I'll type in my username and password and it'll go right back to the sign in screen.

So finally today I decided to go to the site on Google Chrome instead of browser and here I am asking this question... But I just don't understand why it's not letting me sign in the way I normally do? Has anyone else had this issue?


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  • I never log out... so nope, haha.

    When stuff like this happens it helps to let the Admins know, so that they know there's an issue they may need to look into. Looks like RedRain already got to ya, so hopefully they can get things sorted out!


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  • Nope I am not having any problems

  • No trouble loging in, but G@G is a little slow, but mostly cause I have 20+ tabs open plus 10 different sketchup's opened.


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