Did litost quit gag?

she used to be you online all the time and she just disapeared anyone know what happened or can contact her?


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  • I just checked her profile and it's still active though she hasn't been online in 7 days.
    Maybe she's getting bored of GaG, or you know she had that weird stalker maybe she's trying to take a break to see if she stops bothering her.

    • i guess having someone make accounts pretending to be you would piss you off hopefully not enough to quit...

    • Yeah, I hope she doesn't quit :S

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  • Go to their profile page.

    If there are glaring red bars that say "Not active anymore" then yes, they are gone.

    Does anyone know what happened? No, unless that user told some what was up. Is there anyone to contact them? Again no, unless they left someone some contact information.

    Life goes on.


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  • This is the first time I hear of her to be honest.

  • Has she cancelled her account? If not, then it may just be temporary. Perhaps she's just busy.

  • Yep she's awesome
    We don't talk much
    And I think she's busy 😶?
    @litost we miss you
    Please come back


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