What would be the name of Girls Ask Guys in your native language?

The question is for GaG-ers from non-english speaking countries ;)
For exemple, how would you name GaG in French, German, Russian, Portugese, Dutch or some other language?


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  • Upper Sorbian:
    Holići prašečaja kadli
    or, maybe better
    Holići prašečaja hólci

    Mädchen fragen Jungen

    • I meant
      Mädchen fragen Jungen

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    • Upper and Lower Sorbian are two closely related languages, which are similar enough to make it possible for a speaker of one language to communicate with a speaker of the other language if both speak slowly and listen carefully. There are a few grammatical differences and most words are different, although the majority of them are still recognisable, if you listen/look carefully. Sometimes people argue that both languages are actually just dialects of the same language, because of how similar they are, and there is also a mixed dialect with features of both languages in the border area between Lower and Upper Lusatia, so there are no clear distinctions between the spoken forms of both languages.

    • I see, just like the difference between Czech and Slovak language... well, thanks for the explanation :D

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