Who are your favorite gagers?

Both past and present, and if you could bring any gager back who would it be? Also who is the one gager you cannot stand and want to punch in the face if given the chance?


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  • My favorite GAGers? Hmm... there are many on the list... but here are some:

    @Illusive_Man Because uhh... MONSTER TRUCKS and uhh BOWL CUTS!
    @Kay211 Because uhh... RANDOM WHOLE TOMATOES and uhh FELLOW MESSED UP SLEEP SCHEDULES (at least I think you have a messed up sleep schedule like I do?)
    @MissNowhere Because uhh... GREAT DANES and uhh WATERMELONS (I can't put fellow single pringle anymore :O )
    @xNicholeMariex3 Because uhh... VAMPIRES and uhh... DISNEY DEGRASSI
    @Cl_517 Because uhh... TEXAS and uhh... BUDDIES (aka Texas buddies *highfive* xD)
    @BellePepper Because uhh... PARANORMAL SPOOKS and uhh... OUTER CIRCLES OF UHH NOT SECRETS
    @Omar5881 Because uhh... STYX and HE'S SUCH A "JOKER"
    @Klaatu51 (I know he is still here but under a different name I don't know about) Because uhh... SYNTH POP and uhh... HIS DEDICATION TO GAG

    *cue dramatic voice*
    And last but not least of this short list of epic proportions...
    (click video first--> ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3r2Qk__cNMk
    @PropaneAccessories Because uhh... HE'S JOOHHHHNNN CEEENNNAAA! *music intensifies*

    Who would I bring back?
    Well, @YourFutureEx isn't really gone (at least yet xD)... but taking a very extended break. But I liked him so I'd say that. Because uhh... GREAT ANSWERS and uhh... GENERIC AWESOMENESS

    Who would I hit?
    Hmm... I won't mention his name (or one of his MANY past usernames). I do know however he has creeped on many GAGers in the past and has overall made/possible makes some people feel VERY uncomfortable. Why would I hit him? Because uhh... GIRL HUNTER and uhh... VIRGINS

    • Hahahah thanks Bro 😊

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    • Thanks for MHO

    • Cena's going to be off television until late December, unfortunately. He's filming something new

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  • Oh, man. I have a long list of people I enjoy talking to on here! I don't have a G@Ger I want to punch in the face either.

  • I know Genie23 will be back soon after she's done with her studies and exams. 💙

    I have quite a few that I like (and actually communicated before), I won't tag them but I'd mention them
    • Jxpxtxr
    • DaniaMQ
    • cinderelli
    • HookingSwan
    • Paris13
    • MissNowhere

    I think that these GAGers are pree cool too
    • justbanANNAz
    • CHARismatic110
    • EmpatheticLady
    • XRabbitHeartX
    • BelleGirl21
    etc.. etc..

    The ones I want to punch in the face is that dude that compares himself to celebs and literally spam his pics all over the HDIL section and another dude that simply, argue for the sake of arguing and have no facts to support his theory.

  • Oh well, I hate them all equally ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I like many Gagers on here, but the ones I talk to the most and/or like the most are:
    The mysterious @Keyspirits

  • Uhh, I don't really have favorites. I just follow people who have answers that I enjoy. Don't really talk to most of them but I suppose some are higher than others.

    Ah whatever.. I guess those would be uh


    Not really in any order, but they all seem pretty ok ;p
    and now I'll go and hide in a cave for the rest of my life cause I feel weird tagging people. buhbye :p

  • past:
    kheserthorpe, always - intelligent and debonair. always gave articulate, yet concise opinions. i'd bring him back, but given the way the site is now compared to when he was here, i don't think there's much point in him being here. so i'll let him be.

    hard to say - there's a handful of people whose opinions i admire

    punch in the face:
    uhm, that one troll who keeps posting pics of the same four blonde chicks in the 'how do i look/rate me' section

  • Bring back @jackkerouac77 😭😭

  • all my GaG friends are my favorites.. they know who they are.. :P

  • I'd bring back @yaddayaddayadda02 and @red_dragon

    I have too many favorites to list but the one who will always top that list is @suitandtie. He's just overall the most awesome guy around.

  • @whiteflowers she's amazing 😍😍😊🌸

  • They know who they are. :)

  • I like a user here but I don't want to tag. He will know I am.

    And mesonfide something. Sometimes I like him but sometimes he makes me angry.

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