I developed feelings for this female friend in G@G?

She is in a relationship and In my mind I want her to break up so I can get her.
Is this a common feeling for those that have a secret crush on someone?


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  • Stay friends with her here, dear, and see what may happen. If she has someone, nothing forever is ever etched in stone where you Feel... Alone.
    By staying buds for now, who knows down the fine friend line, that she may see Qualities in you that she somehow Missed with the other.
    For now, focus on you and maybe Another who is more available Online with GAG Or... Offline.
    Good luck. xx

    • Don't encourage orbiting please, there's enough male orbiters who kiss major ass without adding yet another male to the formidable list of idiotic men who choose to think with their penis and not their brain.

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    • welcome friend:)

    • :)) xxoo

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  • LOL you fell for someone online, not only online but on Gag and in a relationship! What you need to do is go outside.


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  • It's normal to feel that way. Just keep in mind not necessarily will she want something with you even if she does break up with him.

  • What @PLLFan21 Said. Also if she breaks up with her boyfriend she doesn't right away want a new boyfriend.

  • If her and her boyfriend breakup doesn't mean she will be with you.. Sorry.

    • its not guaranteed she will come to me but a slim chance is better than none

    • Don't count on it

  • you fell for someone on gag?

    • Yes is it a surprise for you

  • Why are you so certain that if she breaks up with the dude she will be eager to date you?

  • You talk like someone I know.

    • Who am I?

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    • 13 letters that not me then
      And I don't think I know any one your age range and is a level 1
      I thought you had me there lol

    • Haha, I have been here for 5 years. This is not my first account. That guy is from India. He won't post such questions but who knows? :- P

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  • It's common in manipulative people who don't realize that just because she breaks up with someone doesn't mean she'll jump into your arms, especially if you are a manipulative and untrustworthy person.

    • its not guaranteed she will come to me but a slim chance is better then none right?

  • You can't avoid developing feelings for someone, it just happens, no one can blame you. However, she has a boyfriend, you gotta respect this fact.

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