Why does GAG allow under 18's to ask "how to" sexual questions if they are just going to remove the answers afterward?

Many times I have answered sexual how to questions for young people asking for advice, only to have the entire post removed afterward. If GAG doesn't want young people asking about sex topics... why do they allow them to ask in the first place?

The answers were not offensive, but contained sexual words. SO it appears to me that GAG needs to either get over itself and allow the answers to the questions asked, or stop the questions from being asked in the first place. (Which will simply have young users falify their age.)

Who else has had this happen?


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  • It is very complicated because even though in some areas the legal age for consensual sex is lower gag cannot be seen to endorse it. So they take it down as it can lead to serious issues. A 15 year old girl comes on looking for advice and a male let's say in his 40s offers it to her. That raises eyebrows and can be seen as grooming. He could get her details or tell her to private message him and take it from there. Vice versa with a teenage boy and older woman. It's just not acceptable.

    • It shouldn't raise eyebrows. Unless he is asking her to meet him or message him, he is simply answering a question asked. This stigma about men talking to young women like they are all rapist needs to stop. No one's eye brows would raise if the genders were reversed but the ages were the same, yet adult females rape underage males all the time.

      It seems to me that if GAG is so hypersensitive about youth asking questions about sex, then they need to ban them from asking the questions.

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    • I read what you said, unfortunately that isn't true.
      It seems acceptable for older women to speak to young males about these topics. Maybe not by you but in general.
      I know how online predators are, I've seen enough dateline. But females are often ignored in this demographic even though they are equally likely to molest children.
      I am 29 so I don't need questions answered, but young people often aren't comfortable talking with their family about these topics and should have a place they can go. if gag has issues then they need to make it not possible for them to ask, and stop wasting everyones time.

    • I agree women are as bad if not worse because they tend to get away with it or a guy is told to man up about an older woman wanting him. It's romanticised. I think they leave it as an option for them to ask questions like is it normal to bleed after sex, or guys to ask if its normal to get aroused from stress but it's not ok to ask how do I turn on my boyfriend or how do I make a girl want to have sex with me etc

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  • Because under 18 year old shouldn't be asking that in the first place, but the fact that an OLDER individual gives them sexual advice is somewhat worst.

    • So you would rather have young people ask other young people about sex and have the blind lead the blind?

      That is why we have so many young people with screwed up ideas about sex.

    • I rather have them not ask those questions at all.

    • Regardless of what you want them to ask out of personal comfort. Youth asking questions about sex helps them to understand sex to make better decisions. When they are forbidden to even discuss the topic then they are left to wonder themselves and rely on other youth which leads to bad situations and decisions being made.

      Young people need to have a safe, anonymous, place where they can feel comfortable asking questions where they won't be judged or told they are wrong for asking.

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