Should questions that say 'I'm a girl, but it says I'm a guy on here' - or the other way around - be reported and their accounts deleted?

- obviously it's a troll

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As @AzureGirl says: also the whole age lying - "I'm actually 32 but my account says under 18" and vise versa. . .


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  • Just pay attention, and be selective what you answer. Sometimes people want to ask something they don't feel comfortable expressing, as themselves, hence the 'ANONYMOUS' post. Some might make up questions to see what men/women think about something they might want to do, and getting other's opinions might help them figure something out.
    I don't like the 'under 18' fakes, but I don't usually answer 'under 18' questions anyway.
    We have Freedom of Speech, and part of that is personal responsibility, choosing what you respond to and how. I'm ok with that. . .

  • In 98% of the cases: yes!
    The only thing I could imagine is that someone screwed up when creating an account and is in trouble getting it changed.
    For example when you mistype one character in your age apparently it's not possible to change it yourself (to avoid you could discover what minors are not allowed to do and than change your age to 10 years older :o ).

    • I think they'd notice it pretty quickly... they can just create an accurate account and won't lose any points at all. o. O

    • You'd indeed have to deactivate the old one and start a new one... otherwise it would be a duplicate account. But as you said, in the 98% other cases it's trolling!

  • the vast majority of them are probably fake, but you always have to expect some of them to be real so you can't just delete them without controlling them.

    but yes, if I read something like "I'm an insecure 18yo girl... please rate me and be brutally honest", you see that so often... it's annoying. I wish google image search would be more reliable so you can easily see it... :s

  • Meh we're forced to vote yes on here


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  • Here's a fun fact. I created a gag account via my google account. For some reason, I appeared as a male when I first joined the site. Then I realised that in my google account, I was also listed as a male. I changed the google account settings to female, but I couldn't change gag's settings, so I sent a message to the moderators, and they changed it for me. Problem solved

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