Why do so many people on GaG lie about their age?

If you are genuinely looking for advice in your relationships, life, job, whatever, your age is a major factor and a basic requirement to getting good advice. How can you expect to get good information out if you are not putting good information in?

  • Im younger & I'm ashamed of my real age and want to be treated as an adult
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  • I'm younger & I lied before I thought I would ask a question and now it's stuck
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  • I am the actual age or age range that is posted
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  • I'm actually older than what my profile states
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  • Just curious and want to comment.
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  • I am the age I say I am ( Born Jan 1969 ) and I can say that I have seen the temptation to change my age - I have always felt that my time on GaG would have been easier if I lied about my age and said I was younger - In fairness I got very little hate on GaG but 95% of it was because of my age.
    I can imagine the heat the younger users can get so I can half understand the temptation to lie about their age plus there is a part of the young pysche that always wants to be older. Getting back to the question I totally agree putting wrong age has a negative effect on site but a part of me understands it. If the under 18s were treated a little better I think maybe there would be a lot less lying going on.
    The overstating the age for sex questions I think will always be there no matter what you do but in the other areas the older users have to meet the younger users halfway rather than find fault in a younger person's viewpoint


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  • I really am 23 years old, I have no reason to lie about my age.


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  • I am legitimately 31 years old (born October, '84), and I kind of enjoy being one of the "old farts" of GAG.

    I crack up whenever I see one of those "Do you think 30 is old?" questions. Then I go grab my walker, and chase kids off my lawn.


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