I have a childish loser harassing me by creating new accounts. Any thoughts?

I keep reporting every comment they leave and each of their new accounts as duplicqte, but who knows? The admins could not see it as a violation against the guidelines just because there's no "user created new accounts just to harrass me" option on the reporting part. Just look at my opinions on these questions below:

Question 1
Question 2

the username "bbsed" or something was created solely to comment on these questions. What to do? I'm so fucking annoyed at this one baby who won't leave me alone. The question is so fucking old and the troll still can't get over it...


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  • Well, that bbsed person and the girlshateguys person and the msprincess person are clearly all the same, but this is something that I can't handle with my mere mortal powers. You gotta be an admin for this stuff.

    If this happens, report their profile as "Duplicate Accounts" and ignore them.

    • They keep coming back with New accounts, man. Like Zombies.

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    • A New one. @kifda
      I'm so flattered because creating a new account takes time and he did it just for me!

    • Set your profile to private.


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  • There are two parts to this question on a particular user who keeps creating new accounts I suppose the IP address can be banned.
    On the second part of admins response to your reports, they may be judging each account as they see it. Maybe a direct message to www, girlsaskguys. com/contact to explain the whole situation would highlight the problem


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