Why are guys getting called out for repeated questions on here but girls aren't?

I've seen several questions by different guys either asked more than once by one or multiple guys, about hook ups, looks needed, sports, hairloss etc, and yeah while they are asked more than normal they seem to get a ton of girls commenting talking people off for asking a question more than once, yet I've seen tons of questions about ' do guys like when a girl does *blank' be exactly the same asked by repititive people and no heat from guys, I'm sure extremists like udolopixie will bash this as putting down women or something false, but it really is a double standard on this site, if you don't like a question that was asked again just scroll past it who cares?


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  • I report both girls and guys.

    Ask the admins.

    • I really don't gjve a crap what an admin of any site thinks, who cares if someone asks a question twice? If people are so spoiled that scrolling past it is too hard then they need an intervention.

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    • That's respectable if you want it but on something as little as this while other issues are let slide? I'm not a fan of the makeup, maybe if you become a moderator you can change that though,

    • Yeah, thank you. I will try. :)

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