❗❗(This is a math question) ❗❗How many questions would I have to answer in order to become a Master Master on gag?

Like how many questions do I have to answer daily to reach Master? The fastest way? Show me your work! lol ✅✅✅


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  • You are at 10,250 XPER now. Master is 50,000+
    It's been 346 days since you joined GAG.
    You need 39750 xper until master.

    You never mentioned your average per week, so I'll just calculate your average xper per day. 10,250 xper / 346 days = 29.62 xper per day. 39750 xper / 29.62 xper per day = 1342. So 1342 days until you reach master. If you'd like a more accurate representation, check your xper per week in the FAQ section and use that number, divide it by 7, and use it instead of the 29.62.

    As for questions to answer...
    You need 39750 xper points until master.
    Each opinion gives you 1 xper.
    Each MHO gives you 7 xper.
    Each asker upvote gives you 1 xper. I'm going to assume you get about 20% asker upvote.
    And you have a 6% MHO so far.

    That would come roughly to 24,540 opinions. If you want proof, check out https://www.desmos.com/calculator . The equation to plug in would be...
    y = x + ((.06) x) * 7 + .2x
    That is basically the OPINION XPER + MHO XPER + ASKER POINT XPER.
    Go to where x is 39,750-- the y value is 24,540.

    If you think your asker upvote rate is less, change the.2 (aka 20% to what you'd like).

    DISCLAIMER: I did not factor in the login per day xper, nor question xper. The reason for that is because that would make a different variable (other than x) that doesn't depend on opinions answered. The equation would get messier and uhh, I don't feel like doing multivariable stuff.
    Realistically, it is probably anywhere from 23,000 to 24,000.


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  • Fml I typed so much but when I clicked send it GAG refreshed the page. -_-

    Not gonna type it once again and if I remembered correctly, 300 Xper points per day and you'd need 33 days to be a guru and 133 days to be a master.

    • I am sorry I hate when that happens! Thanks so much for your effort!

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    • wow I don't know if I could 300! hahah! thats amazing

    • Woah thank you

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  • No don't do this to yourself - I went through a phase of saying I must get X number of points a day and answer Y number of questions, it gets to the stage where you are answering questions for the sake of a point rather than for any enjoyment - Anyway getting a master is nothing, I was thrilled when I got guru but when I got master it was whatever. Just stick to having fun on the site, forget about points and levels.

  • I think about 50000 points

  • But where's the fun in that? I come to this site for fun and interaction with the people here, not for the points or the ranks :D.

  • You need 50,000 points. How did you make those exclamation marks and white ticks?


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  • You can see how many points it takes to get to each level and how much various activities are worth here

    • I know but I wanted to know how many question i would have to ask on a daily basic to get to that point.

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    • But don't you get you points for... your opinions... for each question?

    • Nope. It says that pretty clearly in the link I provided.

  • hmm i dont know about a daily amount but i would say once u get to ROUGHLY 22,000 opinions.

  • Reaching Master status isn't based on how many questions you ask, you can gain Xper points by posting opinions, voting on polls and recieving/rewarding MHOs too.

    • I think I didn't explain myself! I meant how much me post opinions would it take me to get master status!

    • It honestly depends on so many other things, such as how many MHOs you get or how many of your posts get removed. Don't be one of those Xper glory-hunters who posts poor quality opinions just for the points. It's not a competition.

    • hahah... not anymore... I had an awakening! Now, I seems to help sum people that makes me feel better anyway.

  • i just looked up one of my followers who is a master and he as roughly 20,000 opinions and 1100 question. so i'd say you'd have to be in that range to get master.

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