What are the top reasons a question goes unanswered for hours or is long forgotten?

I have noticed this on certain forums too; a question that had over 100 views but either 0 replies or only 1. Many times that one answer tends to be vague.

I don't recalled very well what this person asked on a forum but it regarding dating and it was very short and clearly explained but still didn't get any replies.


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  • Because the title is very vague or doesn't get people's attention. Saying "PLEASE HELP! VERY URGENT!" actually DOESN'T help.

    The details might be way too long and not broken up into paragraphs. Or the details might not be descriptive enough. Or they could be extremely confusing.


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  • 1. Way too long
    2. Too stuipd
    3. Not enough to go on
    4. inappropiate
    5. Trolling questions like black girl only like white girls
    6. sexist

    • As for sexist questions... actually those questions here tend to get lots of attention. It costs a gender war.

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  • Could be the question is incoherent. Could be it's a very difficult question to answer and people are stumped? Could be to serious of question, GAGers would rather answer their favorite color than get into anything that could be construed as a philosophical question. Could be the question is one huge long paragraph?
    Basically if you keep your questions short, dumb it down, and are concise. You'll get responses.

  • Since you said it is short and clearly explained - Possible reasons
    (1) Time differences - Question asked at a slow time on GaG
    (2) Repetitive - Central issue has been thrashed out in several previous questions
    (3) Something else happening - There are times you go on site and there is a hugely popular tagging question or issue hogging all the attention

  • 1. It could be because members can't really think of an appropriate answer.

    2. Some times the question itself can be vague and doesn't contain much details so in return doesn't get replies or gets few replies than what it could have got.


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