Are some older posters here a bit dopey?

like how they talk to you and have conversations?


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  • Nope, can't say I've had that problem...

    • cos i'm not allowed to post stuff like this, but you are due to some imaginary rule haha.

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    • you but I laugh and do my own thing.

    • ... okay...

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  • Well you are older so the theory makes sense.

    • i'm not old, but cool, i need your permission to post... i'm glad this brought you power hahaha..

    • Haha I like how i have asperger's but you can't figure out if you're a chick or a dude, you can't even figure out your age but i have asperger's. HAHAHAHA You are something else man

    • I like how you report comments to remove. You've been called out pseudo moderator.

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  • Haven't noticed.

  • I haven't seen many people on here that are older than 30, and it seems the vast majority are under 30, with the majority of those under 20. So in my opinion, WE must be the dopey ones. ;)


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