Why would I need to pick MHO's for posts that do not have a valid answer?

MHO is meant to be picked by the questioner not the GAG police. so If I don't think someone gave a valid answer deserving of best opinon then I think it should remain unclaimed.
why is this and
what do you think?


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  • I think because gag want to look good by saying they have answer your questions. I don't know it seem like a cover up to me. personally, I don't care or mind lol its just a question and sometime I make good friends. I think some people are too focus on the answer and don't take the time to relaax and enjoy the company but thats me.

    • good point ;)

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    • I do enjoy myself online and at the moment ! But I just wish I could connect with more people my age! lol! I am really can't wait until I find a place to volunteer so that I can make that connection.

    • But thanks! Also, I am not scared of getting old! I am gonna be one hella of old maiden!

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  • If you ran into the GaG Gestapo, I say you have a little fun with them at their expence. Wind 'em up and see how far they spin. Ya know, just for laughs. Other than that, it's your question, do with it as you see fit. You can pass MHO's out like candy or you can never hand one out. I haven't posted any questions yet, but I think if and when I do I will have a different attitude toward humorous questions versus more serious ones. I know I have seen questions MHO'd the day they were posted and others unawarded weeks after posting. I would probably wait a week or so before selecting just to be fair and I would not have a problem holding back if no one put any thought into it. When it comes down to it though, we are here have fun as well as support and encourage one another.


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  • What I see most people do at that point is advertise their question by making an update if they don't get many/any answers. When you make an update, it puts it back on the front home page again saying "so-and-so updated their question."
    Then you can get more answers from that.

    That is the only reasonable solution I can think to the problem-- getting more answers so there is a valid one.

    Other than that, yep, I can see your problem in it. Auto picking bad answers could lead to giving off the wrong impression. I mean, you could always make an update that says that you aren't picking an MHO since none of the answers so far are valid? That's the best I got.

  • i totally agree with you and have always had the opinion that only the qa should pick a best answer. if there's no best answer to pick then oh well, those be the breaks. not every question here has had a legitimate best answer, no need to pick one if it doesn't apply.

  • Yeah, sometimes none of the answers are actually 'helpful'. In such cases, it's better to just not choose MHO. The website automatically selects one after 30 (or 60) days.

  • That is a bit of a problem - Maybe a box asker can tick saying that they feel that no answer deserves a MHO.

    • I would be than happy to reward best answer even if it an opposite opinion of what I was seeking, but some smart-ass answer and nobody taking it seriously does not deserve the site to automatically pic one.
      that will be giving the wrong message out there to others to keep this site down the road it is heading.
      We need to bring this site back to what it once was 5 years ago. Not "enough" people here that offer help as they did before.

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