How could someone with less MHO % be listed in the top most helpful than someone with a higher %age?

This site has always been a bit bias and picky far as who got rated and or
kicked off "Me 2x before", because I offended a admin that got all power hungry after she aquired the authority.
Some very disturbing questions and answers are here for everyone to see while other questions all the sudden disapear.

If you are going to pick top MHO% then list the highest percentage beacuse that is the truly the most helpful.

Do not just throw in a few odd balls and most gurus that is just not right.

If this site is going to claim to be fair then start doing it right!


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  • I think it's a matter of we are simply not the demographic GaG was designed to target. If so, it would be GranniesAskGeesers. com! LOL! We are simply not front page news around here. I know! I know! Speak for myself. I just say enjoy it for what it is. You and I are old and wise enough to know that the world simply is just not fair, and there have been times that has worked in our favor... Has it not?


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  • I think MHO is wacked up! I don't care much about it! Then again, I don't care about anything that much. I am here for the people and the questions!


    It means that those four that are on the list got the highest MHO percentage for that particular week, not all time.

    When you click into that link, you can see this :
    "Every week, we feature the previous week's Most Helpful G@Gers in our G@G News. This reflects the MHO % only for the previous week, it does not reflect their total MHO %."

  • Are you referring to the news on the side of the feed? That's MHO for the week I believe.


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  • It is just the way the way "Most Helpful Gaggers Of The Week" is presented - Since site is girlsaskguys I am assuming in general notices the girls stats will be listed first.

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