Do you think questions containing jokes (that aren't very explicit) related to 9/11 should be removed from GirlsAskGuys?

Because I just saw that happen.

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  • No, I don't think they should be removed.
    What's wrong with a little morbid humor thrown here and there?
    I've made & accepted jokes that were extremely painful and embarrassing to me in order to make others laugh or to fight certain insecurities and/or fears.
    I've learned to accept them & sometimes I even laugh along.
    Some people have a twisted sense of humor. Feel free to judge them (us) for that.
    But I don't think such things should be removed, especially if they are written in a comedic way.
    The rules are already strict enough in my opinion.


Most Helpful Guy

  • No. Because that was 14 years ago and people should move on. Just because they're 9/11 jokes, doesn't mean GAG should remove them. Let the comments roast them out.

    • I absolutely agree.

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    • This was a reply to Asker, not you.

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  • I don't like when comments are removed or question unless it necessary. I don't even like when you can block a person! NOPE! People have to deal to get along even when they don't want to... hahah look who talking right? hahah! anyway


What Guys Said 10

  • first i'll qualify by saying i like off colored jokes however,
    nearly 3000 innocent people lost their lives. I personally know friends who lost their parents and parents who lost their children. for them there is nothing funny at all about 9/11.

    perhaps because you were only 1 when it happened you don't understand the full nature of the tragedy but it really isn't funny... that's not an insult but me not being born at the time of Pearl Harbor makes it hard for me to relate to the tragedy

    we don't make jokes at the expense of holocaust victims, D-Day deaths, Pearl Harbor, etc. So I don't really see why we need to make jokes about this

    it's just rather tasteless and insensitive...

  • There are some things that should not be the subject of jokes, and the death of people is one of those things. How would you feel if you had a mother or father who died on 9/11 and you heard a joke about it?

  • Depends on whether or not the joke was in good taste. Some "jokes" are just fucked up. My roommate got prank called the other night from a stranger. He said he's coming over and is going to kill her.

    She's been stalked in the past and legitimately feared for his life. Cops were called, we found out who it was. He meant to prank call his grandma... so he was going to give her fake death threats. Is that funny? I don't think so. It's not a fucked up joke, it's just fucked up. So yea, if a joke is in good taste that's fine, even if it's on a sketchy subject, but depending on the joke and how it's delivered means everything

  • It is definitely a C for me - It really depends on content and tone of the question on whether it breaches site rules or not - In reality certain events will mean different things to different people and often can be constructively discussed.

  • No... plain and simple

  • I think they should, they remove other posts deemed inappropriate. Joking about an event where 3,000 people died doesn't belong on this site. Gag has the freedom to moderate their website, and in my opinion they made the right call.

    • But it was fourteen years ago. It was a catastrophe, sure, but at some point people should just stop taking offence in my opinion.

    • You wouldn't say that if it was your family killed there. Some things aren't a joke in life.

    • It happened when I was 15 years old, I remember it very clearly. You were only 1 or so. It's crazy to think that much time has passed.

  • Oh you're offended? Well boo fucking hoo. Get over it cupcake.

  • If you start policing everyone's choice of what is "offense" to them...
    No one would be able to speak.
    The Holocaust was the most atrociously horrible act to ever happen in human history and people throw "nazi" around like it's nothing.
    So let's start a list of "Possibly offensive" ideas for those with hypersensitive fragile personalities that require constant offense to feel important.
    - anything about any WAR
    - anything about religion (This already happens in regards to Muslim criticism).
    - anything negative about women (This already happens)
    - anything negative about men (This is starting to happen as a response to the above)
    - anything about abuse, murder, rape, death..
    - to shorten the list... you can never speak negatively about anything or disagree with anyone, or talk about something which could "trigger" someone.

    We already live in a world where men can not criticize women, they can't disagree with women without fear of being arrested for harassment or assault.
    Where if you criticize Muslims you have to worry about death literally.

    "1984" is not a user manual.

  • I wish people would stop being so offended and doing all they can to stop it. These bad jokes aren't gonna ruin your life.

  • We could not make fun of LGBTs, but can make jokes about dead people killed by terrorists? Fair enough.
    Okay, let me tell a joke:
    A: Are you afraid of getting HIV?
    B: You think I do? Don't you know that I am a faggot?

    • Fourteen years ago? What about letting you make some jokes about the Holocaust?

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