Old notifications, do you feel the same?

You have no notifications and open 2 questions in 2 different browser tabs (I limit it to two tabs to make it easier, usually I open many more)
You go to the first question and see that you got a new notification. So you answer that question and then check the notification... when you are done you go to the second browser tab where you have of course still the old notification. Does it bother you? IT DRIVES ME NUTS! I can't just answer that question and ignore the old notifiction... I have to refresh the page first x_x

  • You are right, I can totally feel you. F5 that shit away!
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  • Nope, you are just crazy.
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bump :P


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  • Very rarely go to multiple tabs - I prefer to stay on one screen and control it from there


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  • Am I the only person that don't give a fuck for notifications? No? Okays then. 👉👈

    Anyways, no. I don't care lol. That orange thingy is forever there on both sides of my account unless I'm really free to clear it off like rn.

    • always notifications on both ones? that sounds so great 😭😭😭

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    • Lol just ask some creepy questions and prolly those creeps would message you.

    • nah... my name is not pink :'(

      but I got a couple lately out of the blue... from "girls" 😂

  • I fucking hate that shit.

  • Naw it doesn't bother me that much. I just refresh and it's fixed.

    • but it bothers you enough to refresh... :D
      that's what I meant haha

    • true because I'm OCD lol what drives me the most up the wall. Is the phantom ones. When you see that bubble for a notification but you don't know how to get rid of it. So it haunts you.

    • haha yeah those are annoying... then you have to open all the last opinion/comments to find out where it is...
      from my experience those come mostly when tagging manually instead of using the reply button, but it could be just coincidence and have nothing to do with it at all^^

  • I don't really care...


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