Would anyone else really like an 'x out' option for the questions they don't want to keep seeing in their feed?

while subscribing to certain categories helps a little, still seeing the same question all over the feed, especially when it's answered by someone I'm not even following, is extremely annoying. plus, realistically it would help those missed questions to actually have a chance to be seen.

  • yes, an x out option would be great!
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  • yes.. but i doubt i'd go through the trouble clicking it..

    their software should determine what's neglected in recommended questions, and rotate them out.


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  • Well the best way as for right now to not see the same question or MyTake constantly popping up would be to have zero or less followers.

    We're updated about questions and opinions of the people we follow so 0 follows= 0 feed repetition

    But what you said is a really good idea

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