Why do users say that people who post anonymously are cowards even when the question being asked is genuine and not a troll question?

Being anonymous =/= Being a troll
Being unanonymous =/= Being a helpful user

That being said, I seen many anonymous users who are helpful and a lot of unanonymous who were unhelpful and rude. And im sure its easy to identify a genuine anon and a troll aanon by just reaading the question title.

FB never had an anonymous feature but had tons of cyberbully cases in the past.

There would be trolls regardless if there is an anonymous feature or not.

If an anonymous user is violating the rules, why not just report them like any other user?

by the way, would you ever give the MHO awards to anonymous users?


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  • I use anonymous as a security blanket sometimes, especially if my advice backfires or someone tries picking a fight. I would rather not them be able to send me any offensive messages.

    • Yup. I do that a lot too but people seem to dislike the fact im using anonymous

    • Anon is there for anyone to use it, if someone isn't happy about you using anon then that's great but it's not their call. If that's what you're comfortable with then that's your personal feelings and people should respect that.

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  • Because people here are dumb fucks. hahahaha


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  • I don't assume anything about anon users until I read their answers - I think I have given MHOs to Anons in the past.

  • Fact is most anonymous questions here are obvious trolls as well as the answers. It's at least 90%.

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