If everyone on GAG were to give their opinion about you what do you think majority of them if not all of them would say?

I've noticed multiple people have been asking people to leave their opinion of them on here so I'm wondering if each one of us asker the same question what do you think most of them would say about you?

Would it be a positive or negative opinion?

  • I know how it will turn out... F*ck your feelings 😒
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  • I'm pretty sure they'll be pleasant everyone likes me 😊
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  • Neither everyone will say I've never seen yoy a day in my life :(
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  • I am not quite sure - I answer a lot of questions but like to keep a low profile - I am not sure how well known I am - The breakdown of reaction to me maybe 10% don't like to me (mix of haters, people who think I am too positive plus people I may have argued with) 50% probably am not sure who I am, 20% think I am okay just there and 19.9% think I am a good gagger then the last 0.1% I would be good friends with


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  • let's say that the more the user knows me, the nicer they'll think i am and the more they'll like me =]

    anyone else who can't handle bluntness, wit and sarcastic humour really won't like me all that much.


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