What causes a question to go under review?

I had a How do i look question, with a baby donkey and it has been hidden. My only intents were to show off my cute little darling, but my question is under review. Was there something offensive in that that i did not realize?


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  • it must be under review for non sense... most questions are when they seem to be trollsome.. haha..

    • I wasn't trolling... i wanted peoples opinion on my donkey. I am a proud owner and he is adorable tbh : )

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    • Thank ya

    • thanks for MHO. :)

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  • There's some rules that the site has put up. So... where do you get the picture?

    • Like from a website or from your computer?

    • Phone. I took it myself

    • And there's nothing offensive about that... like what the others said, it might be under review for trolls / offensive pictures / many more. Because a computerised programming can't decide whether a picture is offensive, explicit... etc. So they had someone who will review all of them before they get posted, and ofc the person who does that will get paid as if I am right there is a T&C about those pictures that aren't supposed to be posted.

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