5 Things You Would Change About the GAG Community if You Could?

-We could talk about controversial issues with even a sliver of maturity and mutual respect for one another.

-For everyone to not be so sensitive. This is the Internet after all.

-For everyone who HATES feminism to find another site perhaps returnofkings. (I'm not talking about people who thinks its often taken too far. I'm talking about people who are ready to verbally murder anyone who confesses to being a feminist or in anyway defends women as a whole.)

-For everyone to give people the benefit of the doubt and read the whole Take before going in on someone.

-For people who write takes to engage with people who actually want to talk about the topic instead of getting caught up in shouting matches with trolls and ignoring the people who actually take the time to give a well thought out response.


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  • I agree also chatrooms again!

    • oh right i forgot about those!

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    • lol how do you even know about it?

    • someone who been on gag for years told me they had it but someone was doing crazy shit and yeah

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  • #1 thing we'd have to do is bring back a reasonable age limit, minimum 16. We can't have a reasonable, civil site without trolls and shouting matches when the AVERAGE age is probably like 16, given how people often say they're older than they are.


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  • I'd have to agree with everything you said. One thing
    I'd like to add is that I wished that you could have short replies in a comment, when you are replying to others instead of writing your comment on the question. (I like to reply with pics sometimes but can't because I have to use 'filler')

  • bringing back @jackkerouac77 would make everything better again (amirite or amirite, @ihav2fart?).

    ... I vote we exchange @rthomas43 for him.

    'cause at least jack has something to offer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Just the bare essentials:

    Maturity and respect from and for everyone.

    Everything else will follow. ;)

    I just think there needs to be more moderator overseeing activities and establishing some solid rules.

  • To wipe out all the racists and non respectful pricks in general.


What Guys Said 3

  • -for people to understand me

    -people to play csgo

    -people to know what kek means

    -people to actually talk to me

    -people to reply NOOT NOOT to me

  • Having to refresh to get updates :|

  • agree with everything you said. I swear some GAG gurus are so rude.

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