Inspired By the Recent "I Have A Crush On [GaG User]" Trend... Post a Pic! What Do You Look Like?

All these confession questions on here made me think about what the rest of y'all look like... so, show yourselves :D especially if you haven't done so before or think you are "unnoticed" or "unpopular" - I lurk a lot on here (*cue Jaws music*) so chances are I HAVE noticed you, actually, and have wondered what you look like! ;)

Sorry, it looks like I have a stick up my ass right now but that's not entirely inaccurate as I'm STILL at work. Late. AGAIN. And procrastinating on GaG as usual T_T Give me something to smile about? ^_^

  • I'm not crushing but there are some straight hotties on GaG forreal
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  • Yes; I even have a little crush on a GaGer :x
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  • I've found people I am mentally attracted to but it has nothing to do with looks
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  • None of the above
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  • I've been hit on by a GaGer
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  • I've hit on another fine ass GaGer
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  • Pictures always make my nose look bigger than it is. Still haven't figured out why, but even my friends noticed. But yeah, my face is not an exciting reveal even for whoever knows I exist, haha. XD


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