I reported an opinion on my question which I found offensive. Why wasn't it removed now?

i asked a normal question and one of the opinions (from a GAG guru) was rather offensive. She was literally swearing at me with caps lock. It's been about 24 hours. why isn't her opinion removed yet?

by the way. here's a question. Would i get a message from the moderators informing me if a post i reported was removed?
do you find this statement rude? Someone asked a 'is this rude?' question and he replied "shut the fuck up with your judgments you dont know anything about me" when I gave my opinion that his staement was rude.


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  • Cause there is no good moderation. It's mostly trolling and stupid repetitive questions. The only good site I know is quora. Really the only that have just smart people writing meaningful answers about everything in the world. No swears, no fights. If you want serious answers use quora, if you want to spend time, use GAG.

    • Interesting.

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    • never heard of quora? thanks!

    • @apple24 never heard of it before. you're welcome

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  • Reporting is no guarantee of removal. It's also possible that it will take more time to be handled. Or that the moderator simply disagrees about the offensiveness.

    Don't get me started on offensiveness on GAG. There's a lot of it, and a lot of it sticks around whether it's reported or not. That's one of the major drawbacks of the site but if you want to enjoy the good parts of the community, it's something you have to overlook at times.

    • Thanks man. To answer your updates, you almost certainly wouldn't receive a message about it. And you're right that that response in itself was rude. There is a lot of rudeness on GAG, which means that those of us who just want what's good for the community and other users really need to stick together. :)

    • you're welcome

    • agree with your post

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  • It takes a long time for posts at the beginning of the week since they're catching up from the weekend.

    You can look over the rules here https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq/posts and see if it still seems against the rules

    If it's still there in a few days you can also try messaging the admins at https://www.girlsaskguys.com/contact to see why it wasn't offensive.

    • if i can give more than 1 person an MHO, I would give one to you too. But since i can't, here's an upvote.

    • In regards to your update: You won't get a message if the post has been removed or not. Moreover the moderators don't remove things here. We only hide them and then they go into admin review.

      You would know that if you checked the FAQ I linked you to, OP.

    • thanks :)

  • Did you report it under antagonist?

    • yes, i did. That GAG guru i reported say this in my question "I'M SO FUCKING SICK OF ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH...".

      Im not going to post anything after that or she'll might notice that i asked this.

      Did you find it rude in your opinion?

    • Antagonist is when she is calling you something offensive directly.

      I am sorry I don't know why my mind is blank. But maybe I would've found it offensive depending on what I asked and she actually said. :)

    • i dont want to mention it fully. Basically i asked a "what's your favorite..." question and that's how she responded. I really dont get why people bother answering if theyre not interested.

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  • Who knows. Maybe your skewing the story in your favor. Maybe you're over sensitive. Maybe you had it coming. Maybe the backlog of offend GAGers is a mile long. Maybe they don't care for tattle tales. Who knows, it could be anything.

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