Our role on GAG?

Mention someone whom you think fulfils a certain role on GAG.

Our role on GAG?


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  • OM! I love this! Where did u find it! I am not sure I always on the run from question to question so its hard to tell. lol I think everyone does a good job esp people who are deep at answering question like @Paris13 and @WhatTheHellAmy how always ask strange questions and @AzureGirl because she always seems to be around haha and somehow we come up with the same answer but in a different way and @CHARismatic110 she the sweet nicest person on gag and she creative started a book club! @shadowlegend she always giving her all with advice but somehow i feel she goes unnoticed. @AnOrdinaryGirl45 who makes me feel so cheers me up when i have bad days but her silly song tell me i am beautiful thank u very much @mikemx55 because he give freat movie advice and comes around when i need him! @K1ll3r98 because he such a sweet guy who talk to me in the morning and cheers me up reminds me that there a life beyond the internet @gray_sailor he and his wife @GraySailorsBride remind me that true love is real and waiting and they are just a power couple and they motivate the lost souls of gag @Amplify thank u for caring about me and always begin so nice to talk @fauchelevent she just so cool and i just don't know lol and knowledgeable in anime not my type but still lol @Ashely_Princess she just a sweet girl who i love answering question @Complicated-Soul just because she in all the question lol i love that about her thats important @PeachSunset she too funny and i love that she flirts and gets me in too trouble hahah @samdcb fun kid to have on gag lol kid haha@matheus_mb i admire him because he lost all that weight and he show thats it possible and he also want to be king of gag lol no he ain't @SITdown he just str8 up cool and he a good example that love does exist and he seems so wise thank u for that and also like his no bullshit I am going to say how it is attitude! @NormalUser haha he just make me laugh since he likes to talk really fast and everywhere hahah thanks @TheBraveLion cus he cares and has empathy and can totally relate to others thank u @Fearless_Evil he got this sex kinda of attiude that i adore haha @George1992 he is so fun to be around lol and he sweet @Mistnigqa808 because he so funny and he a ninja lol So many people but I don't think I could list them all out... I would be insane if I do. Maybe I'll try but I just can't too many of you... not enough of me


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  • @allthegagcelebrities role: tagging each other and forming cliques.
    @ThisDudeHere role: encouraging this sort of buuuuuuuuuullshit!

    • "bla bla bla"
      You could be taken more seriously if you didn't chicken out behind that blue label.

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    • No, I didn't say they lose credibility entirely but it does come under question anyway. If you post with your account I can at least respect your different opinion and just keep it at that.

      Have a nice day.

    • I'm pretty sure you'd have just kept banging that drum had I not unchecked anonymous, that's just the best the short sighted folks of gag can muster.

      Have a nice evening. lol

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