Something I dont get about people on GAG?

Lately I seen some hate for anonymous users because people perceive them as trolls. But if an unanonymous user is being rude, nobody gives a f*** and doesn't report them at all. To me, if someone is being rude, i wouldn't care who is it from. I'd report them nonetheless.

People were like this on Yahoo Answers but to a lesser extent.

Well I only started using GAG since June so Im not sure how it was it started. Can someone explain to me why people act like this?

if you find anons cowards, then how to you feel about people who done it unanonymously? Do you find them brave?
some of you guys. please answer the question in the update...


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  • Well I didn't read the rest of what you wrote only the update. From your question in the update, people who do it without using the anon feature actually have the balls to own up to their question or their opinion. I wouldn't call it brave per say but it tells me that 1) this person has integrity 2) isn't afraid of how other people may react to it and 3) truly believes in what he/she posted.

    • except some of it isn't criticism. They are being haters and were quite rude and impolite. Even i seen some GAG gurus who actually do this. What's your opinion on them?

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    • The way I see it, if you can't handle the feedback then don't say anything at all. Go anon if you want to, it's your account and your life. It isn't wrong to go anon because a lot of people do it for different reasons. Some don't want to draw attention to their username or want to stay as a nameless user. However, others do it because of the backlash they receive which I just see as not being able to own up to your opinion. Hey, it's your account do as you please but remember this is the internet. The people on this website have no real bearing in your life.

    • I really like your post so far. Thanks!
      Here's a MHO

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  • I think that people who decide to go anonymous to be complete utter assholes are pathetic and cowardly.

  • i see no reason to hide ur face!

    • You dont even see anyone's faces here. Even unanonymous users.

    • faces I mean profiles... gosh!

  • I don't think not hiding mean comments behind anonymous makes you "brave" or anything. It just makes you less cowardly, but the level of asshole is still the same.

    • do you ever hate it when people here are rude to you?

    • Here? Like on the internet? No. I don't really care about any of them enough to hate them. I don't think they even care about what they're saying half the time. Cuz I do the same thing.

    • Except I only go anon when I'm actually trying to be nice or give good advice.
      I'm unabashedly a bag of dicks, no need to hide it.

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  • I think many go anon due to the content or context of their post will have a negative back lash. If they hide their identity the animosity won't follow them to new posts etc. many of these same annon's will be complete asses for the same reason

  • its due to the cowardly aspect of it. If you're gonna troll, at least show yourself while doing so. You already are anonymous to the community when you post normally, so when you go anonymous, you're adding a layer of anonymity atop of anonymity because you're afraid of the backlash you'd get otherwise. Also, you really have no idea what does get reported and what doesn't. You aren't privy to that sort of information

  • the cowards though

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