What determines a mytake to get promoted?

So far I wrote two mytakes but i didn't think theyre were interesting enough to get promoted. Do people actually like it or the admins just promote every promoted regardless of content?


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  • I am not sure to be honest. One of my my takes was promoted 30 mintues after I had submitted it.

    • This is from the FAQ:
      Promoted myTakes are myTakes that site Admins found to be really inspiring or helpful, full of information that we want more G@Gers to learn from! You can earn 50 Xper points if your myTake becomes a promoted myTake! When a myTake becomes promoted you will receive a message in your inbox.

      myTakes are marked with a gray lightbulb.
      Promoted myTakes are marked with a blue (guy) or pink (girl) lightbulb.

      Featured myTakes are really cool myTakes that not only becomes promoted, but will also be featured on the homepage. If your promoted myTake becomes a Featured myTake you will get a message about it. And you will also earn 150 more Xper points; totalling up the bounty to 200 Xpers, only for that myTake.

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