Do any of you actually answer or post # questions on here?

Okay # has been up for quite a while now since one of those updates so my question is how many of you actually use it? They update each week with new # topics but I hardly ever see any questions posted under there and if there are the questions have nothing to do with with topics.

Personally I never saw the point, didn't think it would catch on, and avoid it at all cost, unless it has a really good question and which it normally doesn't. We end up putting the # sign in our everday regular random questions, opinions, and comments more than under that.

So do you use it or not? And do you think it's helpful or a waist?

  • I use it all the time! 😄
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  • It's pointless... -_-
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Anyone else use it or not use it?


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  • I was gone a couple of months, I don't even know what you mean by #?


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  • I can't lie... I need to use the hashtag menu more often!


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  • i didn't know that was a thing so no i dont use it.

    • Lol it's right under where it says girlsaskguys you know it says feed, post, topics, #, and the search symbol.

      Well # represents the hastag questions I don't know why it's still up there they update this site like every month and no one uses it you'd think they could take a hint.

  • I don't use it :/

  • No I don't use it.

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