Goddamit, when will gag remove the minimum character amount required to answer to an option?

one of the most annoying thins on this site is always having to write down the word 'filler'.
ffs, dont the coders/office people from gag/whatever use this site at all? dont they see that its not stopping us from giving short answers, or even worse, just posting a link? having to write down filler all the time is annoying af to do and read!!!


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  • The annonyance drives away the trolls who would otherwise answer hundreds of one word answers every day.

    I say, increase the minimum response required! Force those trolls to write the word filler until their fingers fall off, already.

    • no it doesnt! thats my point! if it would do it job, i'd be ok with it. but all you see is the word filler everywhere.
      sometimes a yup, or ok or so is all you want to say. specially after a few comments back and forth. or when you post a pic or video... even more stupid!

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  • If it doesn't even hit the minimum character limit, chances it's not worth saying anyway.

  • When hell freezes over.

    • lol you might be right!

  • It is to minimize trolls and bullship

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