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Since one of the main goals of this site is to give more insight into the thoughts of the opposite gender, I thought it would be a good idea to write mytakes on requested subjects. So if you guys are confused about the things girls do, or want more information on a particular 'girl thing', I could write MY take on that subject. Of course it won't be every girl's opinion, but other females can leave a comment saying how they feel about this and you will at least know a bit more about the way a woman thinks. So, any questions?


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  • this is actually a good tactic... and I've seen a few of your articles ma'am... you won't be able to handle topics I've got... but i would sure as hell want to hear your "Takes"

    • Hahaha you've aroused my interest.. Enlighten me Tdieseler and who knows, I might surprise you

    • ok, i'll keep this in mind and give you a topic

  • How about you surprise us? :)

    • Yeah that's what I usually do :) I thought this might be a cool idea.

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