Do you exchange sarcasm and asshole answers for logical and well thought out ones?

Generic/sarcastic/asshole answers are easier, require less time, and in most cases can get you upvotes.

Well thought out answers typically take more time, probably won't give you a lot of upvotes, but do have a chance of answering a question fully.

I think most people on here are the first, but which one would you rather have?


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  • I have done both, depending on the question. Troll questions, I usually answer with sarcasm, if it's beyond unintelligible to a normal person's mind.

    • Yeah but most answers you want to respond in a generic way right? Even if it isn't a troll question. For the sake of time and possibly more upvotes.

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    • I don't care for upvotes. The only time I might give short, not well thought out answers is if the questions is asking you to pick something. Like what is your favorite hobby? Etc..

    • Well maybe it's not you but a lot of other GAGers. They'd never answer a question like this though.

What Guys Said 1

  • I am only sarcastic if the question is trolling or obviously ridiculous. Sometimes ridicule is the only appropriate response.

    • But I'm sure you're quick to answer in a generic way though right?

    • I try not to. I generally only answer a question if i can contribute something. if someone else has already said what i would have, I just upvote them. I don't care about votes.

    • Well then you're not like most GAGers then.

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