What do you rate the people on gag that care about a high MHO %?

It's like you look at people with a very high MHO % and post count, and their answers are inane, so it's friends voting each other up and avoiding real questions. Don't put these stupid people higher on the answer list. Same goes for 'gurus'.

  • 5 stars, they're geniouseses!
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  • 4 stars, very helpful answers
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  • 3 stars, average, it's just another form of facebook 'likes'
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  • 2 stars, some people are desperate for fantasy approval
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  • 1 star, they need lives
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  • 0, worse than torturing puppies
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  • Yes, mostly they tag each other as friends, and/or they play nicey nice, avoid any difficult question that might require them to actually provide advice that the asker may not like...

    Cherry picking questions, in other words, so that their answer is mainly
    “Yes, YOU Are right!' or 'You go, girl."

    Of course those kind of 'answers' get high MHO% but what use are they?

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