So can anyone show me around here?

I just got here and it looks cool! My friends showed me it and it looks cool! But the first thing I saw was a D question? :P So can someone show me around?

Yes I know about trolls.
Yes I know there are tons of anonymous people. @BrieLove said @Paris13 could help! :)


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  • Thank you so much for Mentioning me Here around GAG Town, @BronyOnGaG and Welcome, my new friend.
    I have been Here Myself Nearly Two years New years and This Experience for me has been the Best from the Rest that I could ever have found. It has Helped me to Continue my Life Long Mission in life of helping Others who may be Going through Strife. I find it rewarding and even consider it a "Job" you could say every day. I also enjoy having close friends, some family to me, Followers/Followings as well.
    All I can Really Recommend is Have fun, Post a Question like this One so Many can get to know who you are by far, and if you find it in your heart and are able to do so, Answer Another's Question in Need that May be be Helpful to them Indeed.
    With me as a Guru which happened to me last year about this same time, I did Post A Question in my own way to say "Thank you for making this possible." If not for my GAGGERS, I would never have gotten This far nor would ever feel as lucky as I am with having them with me and rooting for me.
    It's Not just about the Points and Levels with me, but it's about Those who Benefit from my wise ol owl advice. It's not just because I am nice, but because I am a straight shooter who says it Diplomatically so Everyone gets the helpful hint. And of course, I add some spice.
    Welcome aboard and try and avoid the Drama at times on GAG, for yes, there is some, where there may be a day that may come your way where you feel like Posting a Question: "Where is My delete button here?"
    Good luck. x

    • Thank you so much, @BronyOnGaG for your own Vote of Confidence. I think you will do well, I can tell.:)) xxoo

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