Do some people here block users so they cannot rebut their own opinion?

Just I was made bad calls that are not even true and I wanted to rebut that I am not. He/She then blocked me so that I can't say anything against. I don't know how anyone can be more of a coward. Now his/her opinion has no opposition so it now looks he/she is right... even it is obviously not. :/ I smell fear and cowardice in these people... it's more than pathetic even.


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  • I had someone block me from their question about something to do with Americans being insulting and rude the person was American themselves, and I said do you realize they themselves are being insulting in their question, and said it must be wherever they are because it's not here, and he asked where's that, and I said somewhere in America (as its none of his business which state I live in) I was anonymous and there's not many from my state on her is reason I said it. he said your not even American are you, when I went to reply I was blocked. people who do that are cowards and don't like to be told their wrong. ..


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  • I block trolls, pests and people who go purposely out of there way to annoy me, I don't have the time nor patience for keyboard warriors.

    I have no problem with opposition to my comments or opinions so long as it is done respectfully.


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  • Aw, sorry about that. It happened to me more than 10 times already. I just laugh and click the next question.

  • i block people who r pests, who always bring shit to the table, who make personal attacks, and who just have a really inconsiderate vibe about them in general.

    im willing to debate with ANYONE over a disagreement, but civilly. I've said it 100 times. ill respect u if u respect me. be a bitch or an asshole about my opinion or who i am as a person and ill obviously be one back. the block feature is there, I'm not some sissy who's afraid to use it lol.

    • to actually answer ur question though lol, yeah many users have done/do that.

    • Okay... so... I did not offend this person, I was the one attacked, then this person blocked me so I can never defend myself, honor.

    • yeah it happens. or sometime u literally have never spoken to them before and u find out they've blocked u lmao.
      don't take it to heart. their loss :)

  • yes some do!


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