Why do so many people on this site generalize so hard?

"All guys touch my ass, why do they do this?"

"All guys that hit on me just want to fuck why are guys such pigs?"

"Why do guys always treat me like shit? ALL MEN ARE SATAN!"

"Why do guys sit at the table? Dogs are more loyal!"

Obviously those are exaggerations - but what the actual fuk. I've seen it go the other way too regarding girls too - but how are people so god damn stupid, like god damn - real talk little kids.

This is some life changing advice. Stop fucking generalizing and look in the mirror.

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This is myTake worthy, its that huge


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes! I guess in their specific situation it seem like all women are evil or all guys touch my ass!!! Like in high school when I thought most guys based on HS alone were moron lol hahaha that's not true at all it just what I was expose to... u get me?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Dude, I just saw a post insisting all women are the source of all evil. My sympathy in this situation is at an all time low.

    • I meant both guys and girls, the generalizations are real for both sides

    • Maybe your choice of examples should reflect that in the future.

    • "I've seen it go the other way too regarding girls too"

      I could've given a few girl examples too I guess to make it clearer though.

What Guys Said 6

  • So you are generalizing that we are generalizing? LOL

  • I think generalisations on this site can be very self defeating - In the dating and relationship topics it probably would be better to ask about the individual situation pertaining to you rather than make sweeping generalisations. This leads to a case of where stereotypes rather than facts inform the discussion like on the rest of the site where it seems the various "movements" are fighting for dominance.

  • Because it's easier than saying not people are the same. Stupid people prefer easy opinions and generalizations.

  • To get good answers, there must be good questions. Why some do it? 'cause they don't realize that most stuff are individual.

  • People are ignorant to the world around them.

  • humans generalise, duuh.

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