Do you do that on the first date?

Guys: If you like the girl, will you tell her that from the day1 that you like her and you want to be with her as a GF?

Girls: if you like the guy, will you accept him as a boyfriend if he asked you that on the first date?

If you don't do that. After how many dates do you think is the best time to tell someone you like them?


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  • If we've like known each other for some time /are friends and some feeling developed, yeah, I would accept

    If we don't really know each other, I'd rather wait for the second, maybe third date?

    I made the mistake of accepting to be in a relationshup with a guy I've known for like a week, from the first date and then I realised I didn't know him that well and we actually didn't click.

    • That make sense!
      I know 40% about her and so far i like her. i am thinking to express my feelings to her on the second date?

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  • first date? nope. no matter how good-looking or established he is. How many dates? I can't tell. Some guys don't really open up their feelings for a girl right away.

    • I once did that on the 5th date and got friendzoned immediately :D

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    • hahha! that's why i commented again, im expecting you wouldn't get that as after i read it again, i said to myself what? :))

      im saying i also want to know the answer to your posted question above ^^ that is, when is the best time to tell someone.. Tell me when you got it, I would want to pm you but you're anon :P

    • Oh lolol yes i gotcha!! sure i will!
      I think you're going through something like me hahah..
      we should message each other, how about you uncheck the anonymous chart and i'll pm you?

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  • It depends I might be a bit wary of frightening the girl off with an outpouring of my feelings, I would probably wait a couple of dates to make sure the feelings were mutual then I would have no problem telling her how I felt.

    • The thing is sometimes they show you all the liking signals.. but then you found out that they only like you as a person.(friend)

  • I will tell a girl from day 1 if I like them.

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