Question for gamers, do you play to win, or play for fun?

It may depend on the types of games you play, but do you play to win or succeed in whatever it is you play? Or is it something you just do for fun?

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  • Both. I Play to win (as that's obviously the point of the game!) but if you're not playing to have fun then what's the point really?

    • True for some. But I only play to win, not fun if you lose lol

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    • We're the same way lol I'm not one who curses much but my mouth has no filter when we play!

    • Same here lol. I'm nearly oblivious to whoever may be in the room, I let the cuss words fly like there's no tomorrow

Most Helpful Guy

  • Definitely for fun! Besides, I'm more into single-player games which have a decent plot. I never want to view games as a 'competition' with other gamers!

    • I'm the opposite, I can't get into games that are made just for the campaign. I need to be competing with people lol

    • I used to compete like that during my younger days. I used to be a champion among my acquaintances in Counter Strike and Team Fortress. Now, I do play these games occasionally, but I no longer have that 'urge' to compete and win.

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  • Probably a bit of both but I would constantly compete against myself trying to top my best score, things like that.


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