Why do the older people sometimes post the dumbest questions?

shouldn't they know better?


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  • Like you R doin here?

    • @JasmineKreway This is his 3rd or 4rth account GAG keeps bootin him out.
      I come across him every so often under a new name.
      U know it's him from his comebacks to comments.

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  • Quite possibly you are correct but I have found in life that age is no guarantee of good sense - I am of the opinion that anyone on the site at an age of 13 plus should be able to give reasonably sensible posts but unfortunately we get dumb posts from people of all ages - Yes sometimes you can see the age of a person coming through but if it is meant in a good way, I would have no problem with different perspectives to me being mentioned.


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  • Smh man smh

    • yes... cos many others post similar and you detest it when i do it.. haha.\

      OK. it's an open forum, if you wish to get irate, then be guest, i'll just laugh at you.

  • AM I the only one who thinks it's the under 18 people who post the dumbest shit?

  • Short answer, yes but they were taught stupid shit growing up and also that accepting new info is bad and holding tightly into outdated beliefs is super cool.

    In short, previous generations were taught to be crybabies about learning.

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