Some of the edits to my take didn't show, what gives?

I just posted a mytake, and spent a long time on it too. But when I posted it, the edits I made didn't appear and now it looks like crap. I can't reupload it (even though it isn't what I wanted) and I can't disavow it for 24 hours. When will G@G finally have a feature where you can go in and edit past work or at least delete it?

Anyone else had this problem before or is it just my shitty luck?


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  • It sounds like that the wrong version of your Take was picked up - Hopefully Admin will be able to sort it for you.


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  • I haven't had the problem and... I'm afraid the reason why we can't edit is probably that people give opinion based on what we posted.
    Imagine we said something wrong and 10 people reacted nervously, than changing the post would mean their opinions refer to a different question than what's visible...
    Maybe they should give the option to delete your own question in the first X hours after posting. That could be a compromise :D


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