Is gag trying to reach some agenda or is this just a coincidence?

On my old account I wrote a lot of mytakes. 2 I remember specifically because I wrote them back to back.

One mytake I wrote negative stereotypes about black people.

And on the same day I wrote a mytake about negative stereotypes about white people but only the mytake about negative stereotypes about black people was promoted.

I'm not white but I was surprised


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  • hm interesting. Considering that they will promote pretty much any myTake, it is a curious thing to me that your second take would not be promoted


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  • Maybe more users read and commented on the one the negative stereotypes of black people, which is why it was promoted.


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  • I know what you are trying to say and you may be right - There may be an agenda but I think it is subconscious on the part of admin - There could be a latent feeling that a pro white piece may stir up a hornet's nest and may lead to negative episode on site whereas the pro black pieces don't stir up as much feelings because pieces like this are almost mainstream these days - I remember there was a series of posts about "White Pride" in a non racist context in early summer ( I am going to say here I don't know the agenda of the poster but if we give benefit of the doubt and say it was innocent enough ) but it stirred the pot - I was no saint, I even had a go at them but now I have changed how I am on site and try to see the two sides of every issue.
    I am not sure if I am getting my point across - What I am trying to say is sometimes a post can light the touchpaper and maybe admin might subconsciously go for the sake of peace we will not promote the controversial view. It is not being censored just not promoted.

    • I don't think my second mytake was pro white

    • By discussing negative stereotypes about white people - You were moving into an area of controversy, pro white was probably wrong term but you possibly opened the door for strong opinions about reverse racism and the like.

  • I'm just here to read the comments of the GAG defenders.


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