There is a user on here who I blocked who is bad mouthing me to other users, what can I do?

I messaged the admins. This user is harassing me after I blocked her



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  • Apart from messaging admin - You can report them through their profile for harassment - Go to their profile, click on report flag and scroll down list to "Harassment" which in reality probably amounts to same thing as messaging admin.


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  • I remember you posting a similar question yesterday. Are they making new account to harass you?

    • No, all I did was make a joke on some one else's opinion and the opinion owner tagged me to reply back and the next thing I see is the user I blocked still trying to mention me

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    • She said the fuck and then she told the opinion owner that I'm psycho weird and I never replied to her I just ignored her and she called me nuts. And she's telling everyone about a post I made where she harassed me

    • Well, that's not nice. I am not sure what one can gain from acting this way with strangers.

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  • Yes, I think telling the admins should solve the issue.


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