What the hell happened to @Homicidal_Queen?

One of our most active member deactivated without a trace. We were just talking and now she just disappeared. Anyone know what the hell happened? I would really appreciate any info

Well apparently, she was maid to leave gag. That's a shame but maybe she will be back again someday


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  • I dunno. She appeared the same way she disappeared. I mean a month ago I didn't know anything about her and then BAM - Homicidal_Queen everywhere.

    • It's so weird. She was like my bestie we talked everyday. She told me she loved me. Now gone without a word

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    • @I_am_repulsive I have that stuff. Check the update.

    • hehehe /.\ I'm like Cotton eye joe

      "Where did you come from where did you go? Where did you come from cotton eye joe?"

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