Why do so many people on here use the word "fuck boy" incorrectly?

Why? Who the hell is using it incorrectly that's causing the rest of you to follow suit? That person needs their mouth zipped up.


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  • Yeah tell me about it. Fuckboy is supposed to be a snitch snake mothafucka. Somewhere it got all twisted into some other shit.

    • Yeah! If a girl calls me a slut or manwhore then hey I don't care lol. It's true. I'm promiscuous, but I'm not a fuck boy. I'm not a fucking snake. I'm honest and don't back stab people.

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  • I still don't get what it means. It doesn't really makes sense as a word.

    • The original term meant a "snake" a "back stabber". Someone who will do you wrong when the opportunity comes.

      Now there are some people who use it to describe a promiscuous guy.

    • Oh. Yeah I was under the impression that it meant a douche who somehow gets laid a lot and most other guys don't like.

  • Alright, give me the definition.

    • What's your definition?

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    • Maybe you could call what you're definition a fuck boy, but it's because he's lying to girls and not because he's fucking them.

    • Right, I always thought of it in a somewhat manipulative fashion.

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