Do they let just anyone be admins here?

I've noticed within the last few weeks that there are some admins (one in particular who has it out for me) who just delete posts for the hell of it. I had recently posted a question asking if anyone knee of any suicide prevention numbers because my friend was in some hard times. I posted under my name, not anonymous. Post got deleted. An hour later I posted a question in regards of my mother in law whom I've been having issues with. Once again, I was not anonymous and my post was deleted. Long story short, I have had every post I have made within the last three weeks deleted, unless I went anonymous. None of my posts were vulgar and none of them went against guideline policy. However, they were marked as "spamming" and deleted perminantly from this site.
So with that said, I will post anonymous and see where this leads me. Do you think certain admins abuse their power within the site? Do you think admins should be closer monitored before getting the admin title? And lastly, have any of you had to deal with this before? I know a few people who were very popular here who have left because of admins doing the same thing to them and I am honestly about to follow suit.


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  • There is a difference between moderators and admins on GirlsAskGuys. Moderators are volunteer members who recommend content to admins to remove that violates the posting guidelines. You can see all of those differences here:

    We are showing that you have only had one question removed and that was because:
    1) It was not in question format
    2) You were soliciting members which is considered spamming under our posting guidelines.

    You can view the posting guidelines here:

    So, for future reference, please remember to post in question format so our members can answer and we do not allow solicitations for money or services.

    • I will have to screen shot my messages from you guys stating otherwise and send them directly to you. I have had 7 posts flagged for removal within 3 weeks. Or at least that is what I am receiving on my end. 2 of which have been removed.

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    • Okay so if my posts have not actually been removed and have only been hidden, can you please tell me exactly how long they are hidden for then? I have had multiple questions "hidden" that never came back to this site.

    • You don't currently have any posts hidden and all that has been removed are what I just described to you. You can feel free to message me the screenshots you have of posts that you think have been removed though.

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  • They don't just let anyone be an admin. on here. There are only four of them, I believe. Perhaps you are talking about moderators. There are more of those. The suicide post probably was reported and deleted because it discusses suicidal tendencies, which violates the rules of the site. As far as spamming goes, perhaps your posts seemed too similar too many times, which can annoy users, and that is why they were marked as "spam" and removed.

    Admins can still see who you are, even if you post anonymously by the way. Mods cannot, and maybe that is who you are trying to hide from. There is a difference in those titles. Check out the link below to learn the differences and maybe see/understand why some of your posts have been removed.

  • I think if your posts have been pulled down, and they weren't outside of the guidelines, then they will be reinstated by ad admin (and I think @EmpatheticLady is correct that there are only four).

    If you have questions about a specific post that you think was deleted and was within the guidelines, just ask them.

  • Admins know who you are even when you're anonymous. I think you're making something out of nothing. However I do think they give mod away pretty willy nilly. There are a ridiculous amount of mods on here lol

    • I find it hard to believe that I am making something out of nothing when every single post I have made has been marked as spam and deleted.

    • Unless I was anonymous.

    • As I said, they know who you are even when you're anonymous so.

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