Have you noticed people on here complain but don't have any better suggestions?


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  • YES. -_- I can't stand it when people who sit on their azz and focus only on the problem failing to be solution oriented.

    • Yeah I can't stand it.

      Them: "NO! Don't do that!"

      Me: "Well what do you suggest?"

      Them: "I don't know!"

      Me: "-_______-"

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    • Lol.

    • Thanks for mho :)

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  • Again this is one of those answers where I say it is the nature of the beast - In any forum you will get naysayers who will shoot everything down, a lot without providing an alternative. Really in any situation stage one is information gathering where you take in all views and your own options, other people's suggested options then process the whole lot and pick the option that you think is best for you.
    While on the surface they seem negative if they highlight an issue for you that you think needs further attention, in a weird way they are doing you a favour that is the way I look at it. If I spend time reflecting on negativity, I won't have time to do something constructive. A thing may start negative but if you explore a positive outcome then all the better for you.

    • I never said they weren't doing me a favor in some cases. I just have a feeling that the naysayers may feel that on some particular topics they are superior when they aren't. Evident when they can't come up with a better solution. In other words... they can't figure out either. They are in the same boat and at least I'm trying to do something to keep us from sinking.

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    Sometimes I guess you don't know a better solution but know what someone is trying won't work so you just let them know.

    • It other words if that person ain't shit then you ain't either?

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