G@Gers, What's the one question at the very core of your being you most want answered?

I don't mean boring things like Why Men are assholes, Why Women are crazy or What's the meaning of life? Those can honestly be answered by most 3yr olds. I'm looking for something unique. Something that's both personal to you and timeless in it's notion.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I really what to know what's going to happen with my future but I think this is more important:

    Why can't we just stop killing each other and find peace? Why so many wars? Why so much blood spilled? Why so much hate? Why going that far and kill innocents?

    Sounds stupid but I want world peace. I sound like Miss something but seriously, I want world peace. How I wish I could feed all the people being hungry right now :( wish I could cheer more people up, so many things... I just want a better world for my kids and their kids and the rest of the world.


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  • I think everyone at their core wants a straight answer to "Who am I really?" because you spend your whole life trying to figure yourself out and you never completely do it.


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