Why is it when you try to answer certain questions it says the server is busy, even when it's not?


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  • Is it only certain questions or pages that you experience this issue?
    If there is any specific page or question can you send me the link?
    Also, what kind of device and browser are you using?
    Thanks for the feedback.

    • It's just certain questions but I'm afraid I don't have them to hand right now. I'm on an iPadAir, using Safari.

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    • It's still doing it, but I'm beginning to think it's just a thing. Maybe the server really is busy?

    • If this happens again can you send me the link to those "certain" questions?
      From my understanding it's happening only on those certain questions and it happens continously, meaning, even if you go to the question couple of hours later, it still gives error message; am I right?

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  • I must say I have not encountered this problem - I see you are talking to Menguc about it, hope he can help.

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