Why do people post and complain about "stupid questions"?

it's not anybody else's business what is posted, and they have no control over it, provided it doesn't breach the posting rules. isn't just a big ego, and not comprehending personal space or frankly what's your business or not?


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  • Yes I am inclined to agree with you - As it is up to the asker to post what they want, it is up to the respective answerer (you) to pick which questions they wish to answer and skip the ones that don't interest them - There was a time when certain questions would annoy me especially when I was using the live feed but now I tend to stay in certain topics that I think will contain questions which interest me.
    I think some people have a bit of a superior attitude on this site which I think in some ways is more detrimental to the site than the stuff they are complaining about.
    The only thing I don't want to see is offensive stuff that contravenes the rules of the site but I think for the sense of fairness and freedom of expression all other posts should stand. If all sides are courteous then we can move forward - Often it is the reaction that flames the controversy by adding fuel to the fire.


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  • You mean kinda like your doing here?

    • sorry... but everybody else can post stuff like this... so can i lolol... your phantom rules of life don't phase me.

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    • I never say who can post or what they can post
      So the HAHA is on U

    • well no. but then you gang up on me with all the others here. o say i can and cannot post.

      it's just highly amusing, since you go to this trouble for what? to score points on some website? haha... and yes, it's a slang term denoting mirth, i'm glad you reaiise this.

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