Have you noticed the opposite gender won't post to questions/takes that are true but negative about them?

Like say a girl post a mytake about something that's true as to how plenty men are, but it's negative. Have you noticed it'll be mostly girls saying "Yeah I agree!" "Great take!" etc. but rarely any guys?

And vice versa. Like a dude posted a mytake on why it's tougher for women when it comes to dating and not a single female answered. I thought that's very interesting considering how true the article he posted was about females.

Anyone else notice that it's only if someone is being sexist do they jump on the question or mytake? Like if I made a mytake that says "All women hate men" then women would jump all over that like flies on shit. But say something that's actually true? Not uh.

Anyone notice this?

Sweetie I stopped "ranting" 8 days ago 😂

I know who you are too


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  • Yes I have.


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  • Bla bla stop ranting

  • probably because there's nothing to disagree about on truthful takes? i think people feel a greater urge to comment on things they feel are inaccurate.

    • Yeah I think so too, but then it's like why complain about stuff if that's the stuff you give the most attention to?

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    • i think people come on here to vent a lot. it's therapeutic.

      i like all sorts of questions. i don't think people are simple-minded, just that people might be coming on here to relax and they want to answer things that are "easier" to respond to.

    • That's true. I come here to have conversations about important stuff sometimes. Sure I troll and pick at people sometimes, but sometimes I like to have actual debates.

      ... simple minded. lol.

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  • I must say I haven't really noticed that but I must throw in a disclaimer I don't read many takes from the guy's/girl's behaviour, relationships, dating, flirting and sex where the more contentious stuff could be but in the society & culture and Other topics there is a lot of stuff about feminism and MRAs while familiar battle lines are drawn there is a fair bit of same gender criticism of certain viewpoints not wholesale changing sides but enough to be noticeable.

    • Not even takes but questions. I think you're rather obvious to a lot of things on here though. It's fine though.

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